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Delta Biologicals offers two types of packaging. Wet-pac means the specimen is packaged in liquid in a plastic pail or jar. Vac-pac means the specimen is moist packed in a vacuum-sealed bag that has been specially designed for this purpose. These alternative packaging methods allow Delta Biologicals to meet customer preferences while ensuring that specimens arrive in good condition. Wet-pac allows for convenient storage and re-using specimens but has more expensive shipping costs. Vac-pac has lower shipping costs but is less convenient for long-term storage and reusability of specimens. In some cases, no packaging choice is available, as Delta Biologicals has determined that a single packaging method is optimal.


Smaller specimens are packaged in 2-dram glass vials or plastic jars varying in sizes from 1 oz to ½ gallon. All jars have self-sealing lids to eliminate spills. Holding liquid is Delta –Sol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.


Larger specimens are available in plastic pails varying in size from 1 to 6.5 gallons with locking lids to prevent leakage. Optional pail openers are available (see Dissection Accessories). Holding liquid is Delta-Sol.


Specimens are vacuumed packed and sealed in one or more specially designed bag(s). No liquid is introduced during vacuum packaging; however, a small amount of liquid may be present due to drainage from the specimen.


We can package to meet your needs. Custom packaging of your order is available. Please call us to make arrangements at 1-800-821-2502 or email us at


Product labels are provided on each container or bag. These labels contain important information – part number, product description and package quantity - to assist you in verifying your order. In addition, the product labels contain Delta Biologicals’ date code. In the event that the product is unsuitable and cannot be returned to Delta Biologicals in its original packaging, please send the date code to Delta Biologicals. The date code allows Delta Biologicals to track the history of a specimen, which assists the company in maintaining and ensuring the quality of our specimens.


Delta is committed to providing you with specimens safe for dissection in the classroom. Formaldehyde fixed specimens may contain a small amount residual fixative within the body cavity or as drainage within the bag. We recommend that this residual fixative be removed by rinsing the specimen or bag with water. Safety Data Sheets accompany each order and should be referred to for specimen specific information. To obtain additional Material Safety Data call 1-800-821-2502 or download from this site (Printable SDS Sheets will appear on each Products "Item detail" page on this site if they are available).