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Fixation of specimens alters proteins to prevent decomposition. All Delta Biologicals’ specimens are treated with a chemical fixative. Delta Biologicals’ formaldehyde specimens are chemically fixed using dilute (3.5%) formaldehyde. Over time, formaldehyde has proven to be an efficient and stable fixative. Delta Biologicals is also pleased to offer an alternative to formaldehyde fixed specimens. Delta Biologicals’ “Safe-Way” specimens contain no formaldehyde at all. They are 100% formaldehyde free. Delta Biologicals’ Safe-Way process involves a fixative consumed during fixation so no free chemical remains in the specimen. This process is very exacting and performed by highly trained technicians. Safe-Way specimens offer high quality specimens that allow students and instructors with concerns about formaldehyde exposure the opportunity to perform worry-free dissections. Some specimens, such as insects, require other chemical fixatives and these are noted in the specimen description.


Delta Biologicals never ships specimens in formaldehyde.
After fixation almost all Delta Biologicals’ specimens are placed in a non-formaldehyde holding and preservative fluid, Delta-Sol. Delta-Sol is a non-toxic preservative fluid that inhibits decay, fungal and bacterial growth and prevents desiccation of the specimen. Most formaldehyde specimens are stored and shipped in Delta-Sol. This reduces free formaldehyde levels greatly. Safe-Way fixed specimens are also stored and shipped in Delta-Sol keeping these products “formaldehyde free”. Holding solution labels are on all pails and detail the contents of Delta-Sol.


Many specimens are offered in a variety of color injections. Delta Biologicals’ technicians have spent years perfecting injection techniques to produce a superior quality product. Liquid colored latex is injected into different sections of a specimen’s circulatory system for easy identification. After injection the latex hardens into a non-toxic form with a rubbery like consistency. The following chart details Delta Biologicals’ color injections.

Standard Injections
Plain No color injections
Single Arterial system injected with red latex
Double Arterial system injected with red latex and venous system injected with blue latex
Triple Arterial system injected with red latex, venous system injected with blue latex and hepatic portal system injected with yellow latex

Exceptions - (Shark Injections)
Single Arteries/red
Double Arteries/red, Hepatic/yellow
Triple Arteries/red, Hepatic/yellow, Venous/blue

Invertebrates - Generally one color for entire circulatory system, color chosen for best visibility